Stevie Kidd – How the magic evolved

  • 8 companies from zero start up over 30 years - 30 years business knowledge
  • Award winning Entrepreneur for three quarters of his life
  • Spent over 300k in his own development around the world with psychology - Studied human behaviour for 3 decades
  • Scales one business from one man and van to a group of businesses
  • Consulted/Coached 100’s of businesses internationally
  • Zero people pain – Awarded £300k lottery funding, designed and delivered a multi-award-winning employability programme for 7 sectors over 10 years
  • Studied business excellence in New York /Boston with MIT, Harvard, Apple, Ritz Carlton, Morgan Stanley and Bloomberg
  • Alliance Boots merger - Leading from the front, integration model of all business distribution to save £20 million
  • Designed road safety programme reducing collisions to ZERO
  • Acquired £4million in funding
  • In 5 years, from non-runner to 20 of the hardest endurance marathons including Everest, Kilimanjaro & Great Wall of China
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" I aligned myself to you as my coach because you do not dance Stevie"

Global Ceo Jim Fairbairn OBE


Lifetime achievement award (Fed Ex /Brake charity)

Director of the Year Award (IOD) Youth Innovation Development

Employer of the Year Award social enterprise

Highland Collation award Employability and Changing People’s Lives

Disaster Planning Award for Corporate Organisations

Community Road Safety award

British Telecom: Award for Beyond Excellence in Service and Innovation

Customer Service of the Year award

IIP each year accreditation (over 8 years)

Our Story

We realised that the challenges facing businesses today is how they make the most of the latest digital technology to maintain their competitive edge and offer the best possible customer service.

The barrier to this are only designing and implementing the systems required but having the right people in place to lead the transformational change.

What We Do

Business Strategy

Beyond Business Coaching, Stevie Kidd will help you develop winning strategies that thousands of business owners have used to lead effectively, efficiently and profitably, to thrive in any economic market.

Business Coaching

A uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organisations by improving performance through developing skills, confidence and focus.

Control Your Emotions

For better managing and implementing change, business development, dealing with conflict, motivating & retaining staff.