Chief Executive Officer

Stevie Kidd has been the CEO for multiple organisations and currently coaches CEO’s with multi-billion-pound turnover. Stevie himself has always been coached to be the best version of himself and he takes this same ethos in the development of senior executives/business leaders. Stevie has a global portfolio of cross-sector company CEO’s. His ability to truly understand a business and all the layers/nuances throughout an organisation is the uniqueness of his model.

CEO- Do you recognise yourself? Becoming a CEO takes hard work and dedication. It isn't for the faint of heart.

Stevie over 35 years has recognised that effective visionary leadership is the most important aspect of a company and its team's success. But what makes a leader effective? A CEO should possess these certain traits to become a truly great leader. Where-ever you are on your path to great Leadership, Stevie will support and mentor you to develop your skills as such:

  1. Ability to learn from the past and instil lessons for the future – So to have a Strategy and Business Canvas mapped out.
  2. Know your people and implement a strong dynamic and decisive communication strategy.
  3. Change the energy within your business, create the magical culture of string and loyal relationships through knowing your people.
  4. To reach goals while confronting challenge. Lead with Love but with a strategy that keeps your eyes on the targets that’s what your measured on and steers clear of emotional response.
  5. Understanding, both in and outside the workplace, the people and their needs, doing so takes you to creating a legacy for you as a leader.
  6. To listen attentively and seek ideas and input from trusted individuals. This is a skill in itself to be mastered, master it and you change cultures.
  7. Willingness to take calculated risks: Embracing risk also helps you overcome fear of failure – Be entrepreneurial and lead by example.
  8. Know who you are: Understand yourself, lead the example through personal development, seek personal feedback and evaluation. This way you work ahead of people’s timelines as understanding who you are, means you can read , understand and value others.
  9. Coaching employees effectively. Inspire and lead others to succeed – I have spent over 20 years coaching my people through different styles and parameters, outcomes are what success is based upon.
  10. Thinking outside the box

Stevie demonstrates first hand from multi award winning UK employability model to being leader in merger across UK, that he has the ability to lead from the front and challenge reality.  His innovation turns metal to gold, he shares his experience as a CEO and within the mind to think outside the box.

Understanding the Neuro Science in creating in the unknown. The pathway you take in coaching will lead you to take on extraordinary challenges, stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to higher limits. You’ll take on Reach Your Peak and find yourself beyond all you believed would be possible.

If you feel you would like to improve in any of these areas please contact Stevie.