Managing Director

Stevie has himself sat in the chair of Managing Director for more than 30 years, and currently coaches Managing Directors from a range of companies and industries globally.

A Managing Director will be responsible for leading and being an example to others. As a Managing Director himself, Stevie has spent over 300k on his own development around Neuro Science. With this tool kit Stevie coaches and mentors other board members, supporting their professional development and personal growth. Often, Stevie will work alongside other board members to identify operational performance and personal performance needs.

A typical upskilling and skill set for a Managing Director would include:

  • Visionary leadership – Discover if you are a leader and become a visible one to the people around you.
  • Ability to motivate and inspire a workforce – Discover where motivational drivers lie, measure and reward them to inspire productivity and performance
  • Effective management and delegation – Feel the energy of a leader, take ownership of those around you that need guidance, delegate to the right people and trust in their abilities to deliver.
  • Communication and negotiation – Have clear vision and value mission statement to align your people, to drive a sense of connection and an openness to discussion and negotiation with your valued team.
  • Presentation skills – Empower yourself to have a presence, to step into the unknown without fear, hold your own and know who you are.
  • Understanding of a multi-faceted business operation – Global excellence – measure against those that drive success, look for role-models that action what you aspire to be/do.
  • Strong financial acumen – Know your numbers, know all your company financial processes, challenge them and project the long-term future with savvy financial practices and payment terms.
  • Planning and forecasting – Business strategy and Business canvas mapped out
  • In depth knowledge of markets and changing business environments – Know your sector – Understand your customer/client base, know the risks and challenges in your industry, know who you are.
  • Complex problem solving – Be developed to be an innovator, to think creatively and be solution minded.
  • Effective decision making – Assertive leader who makes things happen, leads from the front and although prepared to listen to challenge, will carry out decisions with strength.
  • Legacy – Map this journey out, empower yourself to see beyond your business title, what do you leave behind?

Develop yourself to the point that is like going for lunch, development just becomes a part of your daily life.

We know, such great rewards come with challenges. Stevie knows first-hand how this role can and will be highly pressured and driven towards results. At times it can appear to be a very lonely role.

As a Managing Director role you are empowered to have development as a daily habit. This in turn puts you in the driving seat to feel more in control, of your professional role and in your emotions. The pathway you take in coaching will lead you to take on extraordinary challenges, stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to higher limits. You’ll take on Reach Your Peak and find yourself beyond all you believed would be possible.

If you feel you would like to  improve in any of these areas please contact Stevie.