Business Strategy

Beyond Business Coaching, Stevie Kidd will help you develop winning strategies that thousands of business owners have used to lead effectively, efficiently and profitably, to thrive in any economic market. Stevie can provide a 360 in-depth business health check of your business, and work with you on implementing said strategies for on-going success.

Here are our 8 areas that make up a business strategy, Sales mastery, Communication, People, Finances, Marketing, Growth, Leadership, Know your clients.

Can you guess which image is which strategic area? Roll over for a one line explanation you can use in your business.

“Stevie’s Entrepreneur Masterclass event was truly motivating! I left with a new-found self-belief inspired by his honest account of his own journey. Stevie encourages you to challenge the misconceptions about yourself and your limits” 

Claire McFadden, Psychologist

  • Sales Mastery

    Sales Mastery

    Learn the tools of  influencing, asking questions, qualifying leads, and closing the deal.

  • Communication


    Learn how to communicate with internal and external contacts. 

  • Finances


    Know your numbers. Develop your knowledge in finances, taxes, invoices, payments terms and service level agreements. Cash is king!

  • People


    Align your people to your business. Support them to move from the vision of the past, through the reality of the present and to the goal of the future.                  

  • Marketing

    Marketing & Branding

    An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Develop skills in marketing and your online presence.          

  • marketing and branding


    Strategically plan for growth, timeline and know each step that will see the expansion of your business.      

  • Leadership


    Developing managers into innovative, strategic, accomplished and inspirational leaders.      

  • Know your client

    Know your clients

    Understand and know your clients, feel and know their world and match their need to your products and services.