Endurance Events Completed Around the World

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Journey Continues

It was while coaching a professional football manager and getting him to see his own potential for a 60-month journey that would lead him to Manage Real Madrid, that kick-started my own reflection. If I am coaching someone to step into the un-known, where is my path to the same destination? This reflection also allowed a message that had been trying to get through to me for more than 6 months to finally blossom, and I saw once more, the poster for Corinne Hutton of Finding Your Feet on the wall of David Lloyd Gym, and I knew there and then what my guidance would be to take on the unknown.

There it is. I was a non-runner. Seriously within just 27 weeks of training, I ran the Great Wall of China Marathon, known as the toughest in the world with over 5000 steps to climb. Next, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro…and then ran the Kilimanjaro Marathon the day after it. In between, there’s even been time and energy left over for me to take part in marathons and half marathons across the UK.

How was this possible?

Through chasing my unique vision, and as a business/performance coach and entrepreneur I “walk the talk” in every second of my life.

It began with my coaches, my mentors and my own development.

“To coach, one must be coached, but then go further than the coach himself”.

  • Lawrie Robertson

    Lawrie Robertson

    My role model for business, life and unconditional love

  • Dr Richard Bandler

    Dr Richard Bandler

    My Mentor for NLP and human behaviour

  • Mohammad Ali

    Mohammad Ali

    My Mentor for legacy

I take my coaches on the journey with me, every step of the way, and I always acquire coaches who have already achieved the task that I want to achieve, and then I simply model it. I’ve learned that you cannot do it alone. You need to determine who you are, who your role models are, but then aim beyond the limits of your role model.

Since following Sir Alex Ferguson from the age of 12, I have embedded this leadership style into my own life. This is underpinned by leading by example. You set the bar high, both for the personal and professional areas of your life and refuse to fall below it. You need to know who you are and what you want, recognising your role models’ levels, but then aiming far beyond that. You know what? You can too!

Endurance is always about growth and strength, both physically and mentally. I search for this through the optimum level within my mind. Understanding my emotions is what enables me to stretch myself beyond perceived limitations, so, in essence, I see no limits.

“I thoroughly recommend getting along to see Stevie if you can get a chance. It very possibly could be the best thing you do for yourself and your business”

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