NLP Events

Stevie regularly hosts intimate evening sessions and will share with you the story of his NLP journey with Dr Richard Bandler.

Stevie’s life journey is an example to everyone , when you are a coach, when you are coached yourself and embrace personal development, then you can clearly demonstrate you “walk the walk”.

“Impressive results come from impressive action” – Stevie Kidd

A great business strategy won’t succeed without the right mind-set to implement it. Most people are held back by their own self-limiting beliefs. Stevie will talk through NLP tools which you could use to identify, understand and break those restrictive thought patterns, create a map to reach your own goals and live a life without limits

I left Windsor castle an improved human being, with an increased zest for life and feel in total control of the more stretching goals I now set.”

Delegate Windsor Castle Leadership Retreat

Upcoming Events:

Future dates will be released here as they are confirmed. If you have any questions relating to attending an event, you can use the ‘contact us’ page to find out more.