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Next class is on 3rd September 2020 @ 7.14pm

The absolute power of influence.



Stevie Kidd is launching this unique chance to get an explosive package covering 12 powerful areas. Each theme will be covered in detail during a 50 minute group video call with questions at the end.

This is the fast track pass into understanding your subconscious mind while learning to challenge your internal beliefs - you will gain a complete transformation of how you think and how you look at life. Prepare to be awakened. By taking part in these master classes your mind will receive an update and you will redesign your blueprint!


This package will remove the subconscious programmes that are holding you back. It will teach you daily strategies to enhance your life and improve you. By adopting these strategies into your life you will increase personal and professional acumen.

Your senses will heighten, which, in turn, will increase your awareness. This means you will now notice more opportunities to capitalise on situations that you would not have even noticed before.

Masterclass Program with Stevie Kidd

The 12 explosive Masterclasses will cover;

  1. Understanding your mind. 3rd September @ 7.14pm

In this session not only will you learn how to fully understand your mind, you will also understand who you are, and know what you exactly want. By doing this you will find your true purpose and discover your passion in life.

  1. Understand Your Subconscious. 10th September @ 7.15pm

During this session Stevie will give you tactics on how to how to unblock your subconscious to remove the barriers which hold you back.You will also learn multiple neurology mindset strategies for you to excel in both life and business

  1. Challenging Reality. 17th September @ 7.13pm

Stevie Shares his strategy on how he has consistently challenged reality and created innovation at every opportunity over 4 decades. He will discuss how he increased his brain function which enabled him to fully utilise the alpha and gamma state  

  1. The Power of Visualisation. 24th September @ 7.16pm

Stevie shares his unique strategies on how he tells the world about his future through visualisation. He will teach you how to Create, Design then Become.

  1. Mindset Mastery.  1st October @ 7.17pm

How to identify and eradicate the things in your mind that serve you no purpose

  1. Understanding Your Purpose. 8th October @ 7.18pm

In this session you will discover how Stevie used purpose and passion to build and then lead multi million pound and multi-award winning businesses from zero startup. You will also find the key to long lasting business and business acumen.

  1. The absolute power of influence. 15th October @ 7.19pm

In this session YOU WILL gain the ability to pay attention to the external world through mastering the science of awareness. This will increase the opportunities that you will notice and be able to capitalise on.

  1. Operating at an Optimal Level. 22nd October @ 7.19pm

How to operate consistently at an optimum motivational level - Stevie has 4 decades experience of operating at this level and will share how you can too

  1. The Benefits of Brain Mapping. 29th October @ 7.14pm

The brain is like any other organ in the body. If you exercise it, it performs better. An efficient brain can accomplish more, with greater accuracy, in less time. Stevie will discuss how to implement a Peak Performance strategy through brain mapping

  1. What is Fear? 5th November @ 7.16pm

Learn about the fears and doubts that will prevent you from achieving greatness. Stevie will show you how to combat it. He also demonstrates through his own experiences how to unlock, release and accelerate your potential

  1. Your Emotional State. 12th November @ 7.19pm

How to control and understand your emotional state that will then allow and empower you to innovate, be a fantastic communicator, have improved relationships and be much more creative

  1. How to be entrepreneurial. 19th November @ 6.27pm

Stevie will teach you about his 4 decades as an entrepreneur and will document how to Implement an increased speed of change and speed of execution in all aspects of your life consistently - He will also explain his strategy on doing this since he was 16 years old.

Are you going to let another opportunity to grow pass you by?

Stevie has helped me transform my personal and business life beyond recognition.

It all starts with knowing who you really are, and following the path that he guides you to discover for yourself. In doing so, you learn more about your mind and the forces that drive you forwards.

Business and life have never been better. I strongly urge you to reach out to Stevie if you’re looking for a change in your life.

Brian Farrell

I have only been working with Stevie for three months but already the changes he has helped me make are really having a profound affect.

He has helped me clarify my vision for the future and the strategy to achieve this along with challenging me to think much bigger than I have before. 

I’m looking forward to a long, successful and fruitful relationship for many years to come where we will push my boundaries to the absolute limit.

Paul Feely

Property Investor