Who is Stevie Kidd

What drives the man behind this unique event?

Stevie KiddHaving been in business for over 30 years Stevie has set up multiple award-winning businesses from zero start-up to turnovers of over £7 million through Visionary Leadership & Innovation. His philosophy was “Build it and they will come” – and they did.

His greatest gift in life was the loss of one of those businesses which accelerated his learning.

He believes by modelling excellence in others you can fast-track the outcomes you want. He did just that when he went to New York & Boston to be developed under Global Brands. For over 20 years Stevie has developed himself under some of the world’s greatest performance coaches including Tony Robbins and Dr Richard Bandler, still to this day Stevie invests heavily in his own development and his clients reap the rewards of this investment. Today, Stevie coaches and consults leaders in businesses within Stevie Kidd Business Coaching Strategy umbrella.

2015 – 2021 endurance world Stevie is halfway through an endurance journey where he threw himself into the unknown. He set himself a challenge from non-runner to run – 7 marathons in 7 continents including:

  • Climb Kilimanjaro then run the Kilimanjaro marathon
  • Great Wall Of China Marathon
  • Everest Trek / Marathon
  • Marathon Des Sables 100km
  • Ultra-marathon
  • North Pole Marathon
  • 5 peak challenge Scotland
  • 49 mile Disney Dopey Challenge
  • Multiple full and half marathons all over the UK

His ultimate dream? World Marathon challenge 7 marathons in 7 days in 7 continents.

Whilst pursuing his ambitions Stevie has raised over £200k for charity over a 20 year period.

Join Stevie as he shares the science behind the stories and the strategies to give you an insight into how you can enhance your career, improve your personal life, develop a winning mindset and live a life with no limits and discover “what’s next on his 2020 vision agenda”.

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside some incredibly inspirational people. None more so than Stevie Kidd, who over the last five years has repeatedly demonstrated immense insight and a unique ability to see and feel exactly what needs to be said or done to make huge shifts and positive change. This isn’t just a recommendation about Stevie Kidd, this is a wake up call to anyone out there who “thinks” they have a problem they cant solve, or goal they cant reach… stop kidding yourself, and get aligned to natural congruent success and potential with the direction and support of this incredible man.” 

Darran Hughes, Author, speaker and Coach

“World class in everything he does, extremely competent and motivational guy. It was my extreme pleasure to work with him over a 6 month program.” 

Stephen Scoullier Global Sales Director Cerex AG