Seminars and Conferences

“When I left the seminar I could not settle, its mesmerising and forces you to look within yourself for the answers” 

Morgan Stanley

Do you have an important message you want to share with your people? A motivational speaker is the perfect neutral party to help their audience view new ideas in completely new light and introduce changes to employees. It could be to open up new perspectives around company culture change, or to pack a room with positivity and productivity, where a speaker can relate their life experiences to your company goals and drive inspiration to grow?

What about an opportunity for your valued staff to hear a motivational speaker? Someone who can offer wisdom and guidance on a range of business and entrepreneurial topics. This can boost morale, productivity and show real value to your people and your investment in the growth of their knowledge and skills.

If you would like to add Stevie Kidd as a motivational speaker for your next company conference, or for a stand-alone seminar or masterclass, we welcome all enquiries and will be happy to discuss how this could work for you.

Seminars with Stevie Kidd

Some of the companies we have run seminars for