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Being Coached guarantees Results.

"Everything in your life is YOUR nervous system, it's how you have coded everything in your life experiences to your nervous system, we just see what serves you well and what does not serve you well. So as well as developing you we remove what does not serve you well and amplify what does serve you well" - Stevie Kidd

“To coach, one must be coached, but then go further than the coach himself” - Stevie Kidd




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Stevie has helped me transform my personal and business life beyond recognition. It all starts with knowing who you really are, and following the path that he guides you to discover for yourself. In doing so, you learn more about your mind and the forces that drive you forwards. Business and life have never been better. I strongly urge you to reach out to Stevie if you’re looking for a change in your life.

Brian Farrell

The small chunks YOU TAKE lead you to your new "BLUEPRINT" " The Road to Creating YOUR Legacy"

Step 1: Identifying YOUR limiting beliefs / We carry out a Complete overview of where you are today and map out coordinates of where you want to be. During the first few months of working with Stevie you will work to identify the Self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having the life and business you want. This step is understanding your underlying programmes that are holding you back. Your current map may be like running along the beach with a parachute open, we are about to cut the strings to that parachute.

Step 2: We develop you to understand new ways to think that create a real self-awareness of you becoming the new you - So for the future timeline Stevie works with you across your life and business to coach you to  focus on developing new patterns to help you overcome these beliefs and guide you towards the life you want. These patterns will become regular habits that you can use for the rest of your life. In this timeline you are also developed in understanding your states of consciousness, training your brain to think in new ways.

Step 3: Brain Mapping - We will be supporting our clients who are taking part in The Stevie Kidd Coaching Pathway by using brain training software. The brain is like any other organ in the body. If you exercise it, it performs better. An efficient brain can accomplish more, with greater accuracy, in less time. If you choose the pathway you will have a brain map taken every 4 months, then they will be given recommendations and a plan by Stevie and the Brain Mapping practitioners to improve brain function and operate from different areas of the brain. How much do you want to know?

Step 4: Embed New patterns and achieve goals beyond your imagination - The next phase of the journey can be where you lead YOUR journey to another level, at this point you have now got the new tools to make that step, the step that at one point seemed unreachable is now right in front of you, you just need to open the door and walk straight through. The start of The Stevie Kidd International Coaching Pathway awaits you!

This is where it will take more than you can ever imagine and where you will completely evolve into the person you were born to be.

So, Why Stevie Kidd as your coach?

Stevie has experienced business for over 35 years and also has studied under Dr Richard Bandler, Dr Joe Dispenza and Tony Robbins. For over many decades Stevie has honed his skills into a mastery of understanding business & human behaviour, and successfully mentors and coaches individuals towards significant change around the world.

“Stevie Kidd is the real deal when living the dream and achieving the impossible. He is a highly motivated guy who, with his passion, can and will enhance your life by motivating you to achieve your goals and to become better in your own endeavours”Dr Richard Bandler (co-inventor of NLP)

Like a jigsaw puzzle that has been put together, we break it up piece by piece and put it back together in line with the life you truly want. Stevie Kidd

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